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A Kent based LPG Endermologie beauty & medical clinic using the latest innovation with the new Alliance Medical equipment, hence giving you the best results. This mechanical lymphatic drainage and connective tissue massage is effective in eliminating excess fluids and toxins, releasing fat cells and cellular waste.

What can our LPG Endermologie treatments do for you?


Smoother wrinkles


Radiant Complexion


Firmer skin

Watch this video to find out more about our treatments at our LPG Endermologie Clinic.

LPG Endermologie

Who are we?

We are a Kent based LPG Endermologie clinic delivering great service without the usual London prices associated with the treatment, hence giving you the best results for your money.

Above all, we are proud to be the only LPG Endermologie clinic in Kent that uses the latest technology developed by LPG, the CELLU M6 Alliance Medical.

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Take a look at our reviews.

LPG Endermologie
  • “Friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable lady. I can see a real difference just after the first session. So highly recommend for anyone looking for an alternative treatment with lasting effects that will no doubt rival many other highly evasive and chemically induced ‘quick fix’ procedures available on the market.”

    Jodie Stally
  • “First of all, Emelie is very welcoming and makes you feel relaxed straight away. I had no idea what to expect from this treatment. Emelie explains everything as she works. I had a full body treatment and noticed a difference after just one session. I came away feeling very relaxed. Would recommend to anyone!”

    Joanne Hannant
  • “Emelie was very kind caring and welcoming. She went though what the treatment was and how the machine worked. First of all I started with Emelie using the machine on my face. The treatment lasts an hour, and it’s not painful in anyway. Also, I felt really comfortable and Emelie talks about what she is doing and how it can benefit you. After I could definitely see a difference in my skin tone and my neck didn’t look so wrinkly.
    Then I tried the body treatment, this for me was the best treatment I could feel it working as Emelie was doing it. was definitely worth going. I would and will recommend to friends and family.”

    Sharon Stally